vineri, 15 martie 2013


First of all I'm going away this weekend so I won;t be posting. Have a nice weekend and see you on Sunday evening or probably Monday.

Camelle sorry but this post will be late! I also got so many nominees from other romanian blogs and it will take some time to answer all that questions. Hope you don't mind I'll make a separate post for you because translating would make my life so bad. Of course I'll respect all the rules and others but this weekend I'm going away and I won't be posting.


RO: Hei,va multumesc mult de tot pentru toate nominalizarile astea frumoase! Sunt asa de multe intrebari de raspuns! :) De aceea postul o sa intarzie ceva. Lucrez cate un pic la el.

In weekend plec si nu o sa postez.:) 

Va urez un weekend placut si poate ne auzim duminica seara,daca nu, luni!

2 comentarii:

  1. Ai primit o leapsa de la mine :D

  2. Multumesc! Imediat ce am timp abia astept sa o fac! :)


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