marți, 12 martie 2013

So,it's my first one and I just can't wait to start.:)

Top Ten Books At The TOP Of My Spring 2013 TBR list!

That's a hard thing because I don't knoe if I'll really have them,but here is what I want so badly:

(click on the name for Goodreads link)

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Unearthly by  Cynthia Hand

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

The Fault in Our Stars by  John Green

Just One Day by  Gayle Forman

Darke by Angie Sage

Gameboard of the Gods by  Richelle Mead

Insight by Jolene Perry

Shatter Me by  Tahereh Mafi

What's tour top ten or what do you think about my top? Feel free to live your link.

14 comentarii:

  1. I want to read many of them, like Shatter me, Delirium, Easy, or Anna & the French kiss, Bloodlines and Imortal instruments :D

  2. Oh,oh,oh! I read the Mortal Instruments and it's just awesome. Too bad, I didn't read The Infernal Devices. Only a bit,but now I have too many books to read. I don't believe I forgot about Anna and the French Kiss!!!! I also want to read that book. My top ten should be longer. :))

  3. Ah,da si poti sa comentezi in romana daca iti e mai usor. :)

  4. The fault in our stars.Oh my God. You should start reading it right now, this book took my soul out, completely for 3 days.Well,currently I'm reading The host but after I finish with it, I want to start with Shatter me and The hunger games series.I would love to read Harry Potter too, but I'm totally broke:))

  5. Oh my god, I want to read these books so much! I saw The fault in our stars on, but it`s 50. -.- So expensive for me. I read Shatter Me, and let me tell that is simply amazing! There are so many different ideas about this world and i am sure you are gonna enjoy it!I bought Darke last year. You just reminded me, I have to read it this month! ^-^Great idea with the english version of this blog!

  6. I have seen TFIOS on a number of TTTs today. It took me awhile to read that one, too, but I am so glad that I did. John Green is kind of amazing.Happy Spring Reading :)

  7. The hunger games is awesome. I'll posta review as soon as I can because I want to complain about some aspects. I wantbto buy The Host,but I still wonder if it's worth it. Wow! Such a good book- TFIOS? Gonna read it! Hope it will be real! :)

  8. Yes,it's expensive for our money. I also want it,but maybe I'll wait for a good deal. What??? You have Darke? In love the serie,it's just amazing. Can't wait for the last book. I want to buy as soon as I can! And Shatter Me...I have it on my e-reader,but I want a paperback. I just think I won't read my ebook format too soon. :) Thanks!

  9. I want to read! Too many positive reviews that made me want it. Happy Spring Reading too and thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. Good choices!:) I can't wait to read Gameboard of the Gods. I've loved so far everything Richelle Mead wrote, so I know this will be awesome! And you should definitely read Shatter Me soon.

  11. Yes TFIOS is really a great book.You cry and laugh at the same time.Well, if you want to see if it's worth reading it, you should watch the movie trailer.It's cool, like the book:D You really can't compare it to Twilight.

  12. Me too! I love the cover and the title and description rocks! :) So many people talked about Shatter Me that I will surely read.

  13. You have to read Delirium, it's epiccc!!! And I can't wait to start the Septimus Heap series, YOU'RE ALREADY TO BOOK 6??

  14. Yes, I am :)) Don't believe I haven't told you that. :)) It's just awesome. I know I reviewed only the first book,but I review the others when I have time. :) It's a great serie that I love. I think I bought the last book 2 years ago... That's bad,but I plan to buy it when summer comes.


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