marți, 2 aprilie 2013

Title: The Secret Eater
Author: Ros Jackson
Publication date: July 15, 2013
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Adventure

Hey everyone! :) A new cover of an awesome books! What do you think about the cover? It looks magical,doesn't it!

is a demon who feeds from secrets. Lately pickings have been slim, and
she has grown so weak that her shield of invisibility is slipping. As
the servant of a demon who eats embarrassment she already feels like
she's the laughing stock of the demonic world. But the scorn of someone
who thinks the  Hawaiian shirts are the height of cool is the least of
her worries.
    A powerful fear demon is dead set on making her his slave, a position that carries seriously short life expectancy.
    She has no friends.
    No powers.
    No clue.
only hope of escaping a life of terror lies in stealing a
grimoire she's never seen from the clutches of a vindictive group of
master demons.

Rock singer, xenobiologist and ninja are just some of the jobs Ros
wishes she could put on her CV. She has been a book blogger for over a
decade, and has done a wide range of different jobs whilst dreaming of
the written word. She lives in Lincolnshire under the iron rule of a
grumpy black cat.

Author's links: Website * Twitter

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