joi, 11 aprilie 2013

I don't believe it!!!!

You see there,in the right? There are 101 followers. It's like a dream(a great one) and I want to thank you all for following me. I'm glad that you like my posts and ....Oh,what more can I say?

Hugs for everyone! 

Unfortunately I can't make an international giveaway now because the shipping costs would kill me,but I hope I can manage with some e-books. I don't know yet. Hope something good will happen.

If you are an author I'd really appreciate your help for a giveaway on my blog if you can provide a paperback direct to the winner. In exchange I will feature you're book on my blog. I also offer to organize a book blog tour through our romanian blogs,to make your book known here and who knows...If the readers seems to enjoy we could star a campaign to be published here.

Let me know!

Thanks again everyone! If at least half of you read my posts I'm really happy.


11 comentarii:

  1. Felicitări, draga mea, să ştii că îi meriţi :*:*

  2. Am fost 99, poate o fi cu noroc [,] că-i multiplu de 3 :-> La cât mai mulţi îţi doresc!

  3. Felicitări!! Ar trebui să sărbătorim cu un giveaway. :>

  4. Multumesc mult de urari! O sa incerc sa fac un giveaway cat de curand,dar momentan nu pot....:(

  5. Primii 100 sunt mai grei, sa vezi ce repede treci de doua sute...

  6. Serios? Mie mi se pare ca urmatorii o sa fie si mai greu de obtinut. De unde sa fac rost de inca 100 de persoane?! Sper sa fie adevarat ce zici! ^^


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