marți, 9 aprilie 2013

Ok,so hi! I created this thing because I find some good books on wattpad in english,but also romanian. This time you have to read this book!!!! It's just amazing. I totally love it. It's still on-going and have I told you that is amazing? You can consider it a small review.

Title: Letters fron J

Made by: sweet_nightmare92

Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance

   I would totally buy it if it were a book! I love the plot,the mystery and all that action. You gotta read it with no exception!v If you don't like it blame me!

Megan Fields is uptight and has no time for boys. She's boring and plain and hates parties. And did I mention she has no time for boys? But that is all about to change when a strange love letter is left on her locker one day from the mysterious J. To make things easier for Megan, there only happens to be three boys with a J on their small school. There's James Aarons, the school bad boy. Also Jess McAdams the student council president. And Josh Davis, her best friend's jock brother. And coincidentally, all three boys suddenly took interest in her more than she likes. Who could the mysterious J be? 

      Well,it's like a review. What I can say more? I really love the book. Every chapter has an emotion that I can't describe. Is so much mystery and I really like Megan's best friend Abby. She is the total opposite of Megan, but she is nice even if sometimes she doesn't give the best advice. I really like the way Megan met the boys and how she build a friendship with them. The one between she and James is really weird. A lot! Even if he is the bad boy he is still nice with Megan, but he does things that she doesn't want. I want to see Josh just like a normal friend, nothing more. He is charming, but I don't think he is good for Megan. I'm with no doubt in team Jess. He is soooo sweet and I believe he is the mysterious J. He is nice with Megan and talks to her, but I think he is a little bit shy, but it's not a bad thing. Well, I know you'll love the book just like me. It's so amazing. You gotta read it. If you like it, please tell me what team you are. The action is good, nothing too bad and it fits the teenagers world.

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