Well,hello! I created this blog because I enjoy reading when I can and I like to try new things. I also love coffee and Starbucks is my favorite place to go. Coffee and Books are perfect in the same time. Here I'll post my reviews about some books, suggestions, covers and why not a blog tour. Combining music and some amazing things or my composition should make the blog better.

        I'm Alexandra and I'm from Romania, so hello from here! Reading in English and Romanian it's the same way for me. I'll post in English and my language,but maybe will be there some differences and I'll just have some posts only in Romanian. I'll try my best to write correctly, but please forgive me for any mistakes.

        I'm open to do reviews for blogs, so if you want me to do that, please check the contact page. I prefer YA books, but I like new things from real life, romance and I also enjoy quite much the detectives books. If you want to talk about this more, just send me an email and we will discuss the date, time for reading, information and so on.

        You want to know me better? I'm just a teenager who likes to read, to listen to music, to watch anime and to check the fridge when I have nothing to do. I like design such as web design and graphic design and I do this on my blogs when I don't have something to do. I want to improve my skills at drawing, so maybe you will see some of my sketches here. I also develop in photography because I really love it, so maybe I'll have some posts. I really like the creative part and I have so many hobbies(learn japanesse, to write stories-in Romanian, origami 3d, quilling, traveling , make list where I want to go, laugh a lot and read bad jokes because they make me laugh).

         You'll get to know me better if you'll read my posts. Then just have a cup of coffee and explore my blog. :)

4 comentarii:

  1. Hi Alexandra,
    I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
    I signed to follow your blog. I'd be glad if you could honor mine, too.
    Beside reading, writing and playing RPG games, I am also an addict of coffee. Black, strong!
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Carmen!
      Of course and thank you for following my blog! :) Every coffee addicted is welcomed here. ^^ You have a really nice blog!
      Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. You, too. Thanks for following back!
    And thanks for your time!

  3. Hi,
    Your blog is now on my list. I accessed you directly from the link there!


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